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Participation Details: Intro

Participation Details

This project aims to advance scientific understanding of how marriages develop over time. We collect information from couples about once every four months over two years of marriage.

Your 1st Contact:

The first portion of this study will consist of you and your partner filling out online surveys at home and then coming to an in-person session at OSU. These initial  surveys typically take about 2-3 hours, but you do not have to do them all at once.


The in-person lab session lasts for about two hours. During this session, you and your partner will choose topics for video-recorded problem-solving discussions, which will be done in a private, comfortable room. Other activities include: completing some computerized tasks, taking pictures, taking body measurements, and providing us with a urine sample.


You will be paid with a $100 Amazon e-gift card as a couple for this part of the study.


*If you are driving in from outside of Stillwater: We may be able to offer you an additional small bonus payment to help offset the cost of driving to us*

Immediately After Your Lab Session:

After your lab session, you and your partner will complete a
very brief
 (5-10 minutes) daily survey for the next 14 days. 


You will be paid up to $35 (via an Amazon e-gift card) as a couple for completing these daily surveys, depending on how many are completed.

Four-Month Follow-Up Surveys

We will then send you follow-up surveys every four months. The questionnaires you will be completing at these times are considerably shorter than the initial ones and most should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

You will be paid up to $25 (via an Amazon e-gift card) as a couple for each of these short follow-up surveys.


At your one-year follow-up (i.e., one year after your initial contact) your four-month follow-up will be a slightly lengthier survey that takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete.

After you and your partner both complete your one-year anniversary survey, we will again send you brief daily surveys for 14 days. 

You will be asked to complete another one of these lengthier follow-up surveys at your two-year anniversary follow-up (i.e., two years after your initial contact).

You will be paid up to $50 as a couple for each of the longer, yearly, follow-up surveys, and you will again be paid up to $35 as a couple for completing the daily surveys after your Year One survey.

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